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Updated April 1, 2024

This Cookie Policy incorporates the Classic Baseball Broadcasts Terms of Use. Read the following terms carefully because they contain important information.

If, due to the use of cookies, this Platform processes any personal data, the terms of the Privacy Policy shall apply.

This Policy may be modified at any time, so it’s important that you constantly review its terms. This Policy and its updates supersede any proposals, contracts, prior understandings and agreements, oral or written, that may exist between you and Classic Baseball Broadcasts, especially regarding the use of cookies.


  1. This Cookies Policy establishes (a) which cookies are used; (b) for what purposes cookies are used; and (c) how Users can manage their choice of cookie settings in their browsers. This Cookies Policy applies to the use of or access to the Platform through the Classic Baseball website and its subdomains, as well as through other websites or interfaces, on which Whitney & Hannon LLC enterprises make their resources available.
  2. In addition, it’s important that you understand the specific meaning of the following expression used in the context of this Policy and written in the Terms, in this Policy, or in other Classic Baseball Broadcasts Policies without capital initials:

“Cookies”, in singular or plural, are small files (generally containing text) that are stored in a certain access equipment to register preferences and other information. The Platform may use Cookies defined by us, called first-party Cookies and/or the Platform may use third-party Cookies, which are cookies from a domain other than the Platform’s domain. Third-party Cookies allow us to analyze how the Platform is being used, measure the number of visitors and display advertising.


There are two types of Cookies, regarding their duration, which can be used by Classic Baseball Broadcasts:

1.1 Permanent Cookies: These cookies are stored by the browser on your equipment (PC, cellphone, tablet), for a certain period of time, and are used every time you make a new visit to one of our websites. They are used, generally, to direct navigation to your interests, allowing us to provide a personalized service.

1.2. Session Cookies: Temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your browser until you log out. The information stored in these Cookies is generally used to store your preferences temporarily.


There are two categories of Cookies that may be used by Classic Baseball Broadcasts:

2.1.  Essential: these Cookies are necessary for the website to function and cannot be disabled on our systems. They’re generally only defined in response to actions you take and that amount to a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in or filling in forms. You can set your browser to block or alert you to these cookies, but this may affect the availability and functionality of certain parts of the website. Below are the essential types of Cookies, they are:

  1. Preference: We use these cookies to allow the Platform to remember information that changes how the website behaves or is displayed (e.g., the chosen language, shopping cart).
  2. Security: We use these Cookies to allow verification of User identity to prevent fraudulent use of login credentials and to protect User data from unauthorized use by third parties.
  3. Analytics:In order to offer you the best browsing experience possible, it is important that we understand how visitors use our website. The data collected by these Cookies helps us to achieve this, and is aggregated for statistical output.
  4. Performance: Allows – through the storage of files on the devices of those visiting Creator and Affiliate websites – the recording of clicks on links, advertisements and commercial transactions, such as sales and leads, to identify a transaction made by a Buyer through a link received from an Affiliate, thus allowing the commissioning of the transaction completed.

2.2.  Non-essential: These Cookies are not necessary for the website to function and can be managed by the User. If these Cookies are not activated by the User, the Platform will become less functional, but the use of the Platform by the User will not be prevented. Below is a list of non-essential Cookies:

  1. Advertising: These cookies are used to help ensure that you are receiving the most relevant marketing messages. For example, these Cookies are used to help display ads based on your interests, ensure that those ads are displayed correctly, and prevent the same ad from being displayed repeatedly.

Essential Cookies: These Cookies are necessary for the operation of the Platform and you cannot manage them, but you can delete the necessary Cookies after their use, by following the instructions of the browser used.

Non-essential Cookies: These Cookies can be managed by you through the settings available in the browser used.


When using the Platform, you might be redirected to third-party websites. These sites may use their own cookies. Classic Baseball Broadcasts has no control over the use of these cookies.

It should be noted that the third party might be the Platform Creator. In this regard, the Creator is fully responsible for complying with applicable personal data protection laws by providing transparency to its end users about the use of cookies on their websites.


For further information about our Cookie Policy, please contact us through this form.