July 10 1956 All Star Game
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July 10 1956 All Star Game

On July 10, 1956 At Griffith Stadium In the 1956 All-Star Game, Ken Boyer of the Cardinals makes three sparkling plays at 3B and gets 3 hits as the National League defeats the American League, 7 – 3. Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams and Stan Musial all homer. Mays’s pinch-hit two-run home run off Whitey Ford is his 7th straight hit against the Yankee lefty.

Bob Friend and Warren Spahn were both nursing a 5-0 shutout until the sixth inning when Spahn was rocked by the first three batters he faced: Nellie Fox, who hit a single, Ted Williams, who hit a home run, and Mickey Mantle, who followed with another home run. Had there been an All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award during the 1956 Midsummer Classic it would have “probably” gone to Ken Boyer who went three for five, drove in a run, scored a run, and made three truly spectacular fielding plays during the game. Yankee Manager Casey Stengel continued to suffer at the hands of the senior circuit. He was 1-5 in All-Star games and finding it impossible to match his opponent’s momentum.