Glossary of Terms

by | Mar 27, 2024

Updated April 1, 2024

This Glossary is part of the Whitney & Hannon LLC Terms of Use. It lists the meanings of the expressions that start with capital letters in the Whitney & Hannon LLC Terms or in other Policies. We suggest that you read the following definitions carefully and attentively. 

Affiliate: User registered in the Affiliate Program who, while using Whitney & Hannon LLC Services, sells Products in exchange for a remuneration equivalent to a percentage of the amount of each sale they promote.

Affiliate Program: A Whitney & Hannon LLC Service that allows Affiliates to sell Products for a remuneration equivalent to a percentage of the amount of each sale that they make.

Buyer: User who purchases any Product registered on the Platform.

Contract: The binding contract signed between you, as the User, and Whitney & Hannon LLC, which governs your access and use of the Platform and its Services. 

Whitney & Hannon LLC: a North American company headquartered at PO Box 1205 Onset MA 02558

Whitney & Hannon LLC Platform or Platform: The website and its subdomains, as well as any other websites, interfaces, or applications in which Whitney & Hannon LLC makes its resources available.

Whitney & Hannon LLC Policies: The collection of all Whitney & Hannon LLC Policies can be found in this link.

Whitney & Hannon LLC Services or Services: Collectively, the broadcasts of vintage baseball games, interviews, commercials and player stats.

Stripe: Whitney & Hannon LLC’s payment system that processes the payment instructions made by and Affiliates, according to the rules and procedures determined in the Payment Policy and Whitney & Hannon LLC Terms.

Stripe Services: Collectively, the Stripe resources that process the payment instructions made by Buyers and settle them for and Affiliates. 

Registration Information: Consists of information, such as users’ names, address (including email address), full name, and first name of the User.

Related Third Parties: Any persons, natural or legal, who are directly or indirectly related to a Product, such as experts, actors, characters or endorsers.

Terms: Whitney & Hannon LLC’s Terms of Use.

Third-Party Services: Third-party websites, applications, or resources made available to Users through the Platform.

Free Trial Feature: Feature that allows a period of free use by the Buyer, which can vary from one to 30 days, and that has the purpose of allowing new Buyers to try out the Product.

User: Any person who accesses or uses the Platform, regardless of whether they have signed up as a Affiliate or Buyer.

User-generated Content: content that is created and made available by Users in text, audio, image, video, document, among other formats, for purposes of r inserting comment(s) in the Services and/or on the Platform.